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The Darkness and the Light

Barry battles another breacher, Doctor Light... and discovers that she's Linda's evil counterpart. Meanwhile, the team deals with a new Harrison Wells in their midst, and Barry asks Patty out on a date.

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By Gadfly on Nov 4, 2015

Eight Months Ago On Earth Two, tech entrepreneur Harrison Wells holds a press conference and talks about the emergence of metahumans. However, since most of them have turned evil, he and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs have designed a new line of metahuman awareness apps. The wrist unit lets anyone detect the presence of a metahuman. The device goes off and the Flash--Jay Garrick--arrives. Everyone applauds and Jay tells him to admit that he created Zoom and the other metahumans. Harrison mocks Jay…

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Episode Discussion

Thogek posted 4 years ago

Think Linda will be brought into the Team Flash in-crowd?

Considering who the comics had as Linda Park's eventual husband... whom we may also have just heard first mention of...

Layers and layers...

dso posted 4 years ago

That was one boring and pointless villain

pentar posted 4 years ago

So 2 questions: (1) Why not just shoot Doctor Light from a couple hundred feet away? (2) Knowing her power is light, why no special sunglasses for Barry?

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