Everybody Runs

The precogs and Vega must come together to thwart a chemical attack by Memento Mori, meanwhile Blomfeld (guest star Reed Diamond) is determined to get the precogs back in the milk bath.

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Billo0255 posted 2 years ago

Although I do not have pre-cognitive abilities, and even though I do not consider it to be a bad show, after watching the first two episodes I had a feeling this show would not last.

What gave me a negative vibe about the show was that it was another police procedural that paired a cop with someone who is a genius, special, gifted (or whatever term applies). The Minority Report TV show is set in the future which is where the Minority Report movie was set. However, while the TV series has sci-fi gadgets, computers, and futuristic scenery the show was about solving the mystery of the week. The twist is that instead of solving a murder with a few clues, the goal is to try to stop a murder from occurring with a few clues using the non-cop's special gift.

Shows like Perception, Unforgettable, Numbers, Bones, Almost Human, The Mentalist, White Collar, Elementary, Forever, iZombie and others have sometimes used this premise effectively and been successful and sometimes not. Since this show is ending after ten episodes, it obviously falls in the "not" category.

If you were a fan of the Minority Report movie, then these ten episodes are worth watching if only to see what happened to the pre-cogs after their release from the Pre-Crime Bureau.If you’ve never seen or know nothing about the Minority Report movie, and are still interested, this show is still watchable since the series provides enough of a backstory, so a new viewer will not be totally lost.

The final few episodes introduced a shadowy terrorist organization intent on mass murder and a greedy cop intent on doing bad things to our heroes. Since the writers knew in advance the network was likely going to pull the plug the writers gave the series a reasonable ending that makes these ten episodes a self contained mini-series of sorts.

Networks can be pretty callous in regards to ending a show on a cliffhanger or with lots of unresolved questions, so it was a nice change of pace to have this show end with a credible conclusion.

This year has seen a large crop of science fiction (or semi-science fiction) shows cancelled or ended. Just to name a few, the list includes Continuum, Dominion, Defiance, Extant, Helix, Forever, Haven (a few episodes are left), Under the Dome, Falling Skies, Lost Girl, and now Minority Report.

I have a different standard and a higher tolerance when it comes to science fiction. That is because so few quality science fiction shows seem to be able to stick around for long. Unless it's really bad sci-fi, I hate to see any sci-fi series canceled or ended, even one that some might consider to be mediocre.

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

yes, it is confirmed that this was the last episode.

SilverSurfer posted 2 years ago

This is also 99.9% likely the series finale after having the order cut from 13 to 10 episodes.

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