Abra Cadaver

A magician at a magician's convention turns up dead, and Liv eats his brain. She soon discovers that he was obsessed with death, and his fascination bleeds into her love life. Meanwhile, Blaine asks Liv for help breaking into Dale's apartment to learn what she knows about the Meat Cute murders, and Ravi breaks up with his girlfriend.


By Gadfly on Nov 18, 2015

Liv and Major are in bed together after some non-intercourse sex. Major assures her that he's fine with what happened and Liv says that they have to be honest with each other this time around. He assures her that being with her is enough, and Liv warns him that when she heats a brain her personality changes. At the hotel hosting PrestoFest, a magician walks down the hall. A maid goes into a room and screams at what she finds A magician is dead inside, a card embedded in his throat. Clive and…

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his_caddy posted 4 years ago

Much better show than I expected.

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