Allison from Palmdale

Software glitch causes Cameron to forget who she is. She goes missing from the Connors and is taken in by a street kid named Jody. Cameron and Jody end up at a halfway house where Cameron meets with a social worker who uncovers some of Cameron's distant memories. Meanwhile, Catherine Weaver meets with Agent Ellison to discuss his future at Zeira Corp, and Ellison does some digging into Weaver's past.


By pentar on Apr 17, 2016

The episode begins with a flash forward into the future where Cameron is fleeing some unknown danger. She manages to get outside into the rubble of the city that Skynet has created where she is captured.Present time, Cameron and John are running errands and Cameron seems distracted. John drops Cameron off at the grocery store while he goes to buy some radio gear. Cameron seems to be experiencing memories from the future where she was captured. She stops in the store in an apparent trance, so the…

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