Hostile Takeover

Astra calls Supergirl out to fight, but soon loses. However, Hank and Alex suspect that the Kryptonian general lost too easily. Meanwhile, an email hack threatens Cat's position as CEO of CatCo, and Kara learns that someone is trying to force her boss out of the company.


By Gadfly on Dec 22, 2015

Astra confronts Supergirl as her two soldiers hold him. Supergirl breaks free and tries to fly off, but they grab her and pull her down. Astra holds a Kryptonite dagger to Supergirl's throat, and Supergirl is surprised that her aunt isn't affected by the substance. Her aunt says that she shielded herself, and Supergirl asks if she's afraid of a fair fight. Astra says that she doesn't want to fight her, and says that it's time for them to be a family again. Supergirl backs away and then tosses he…

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