Blood Bonds

Supergirl tries to convince her aunt to help them recover Hank from the Kryptonians and is forced to rely on blind faith. Meanwhile, Max continues his campaign to bring down Supergirl, and Kara tries to convince Cat that she and Supergirl are not one and the same.


By Gadfly on Jan 5, 2016

Supergirl and Non fly at each other and then smash through the ceiling of Lord Technologies. High in the sky, they exchange punches until a jet flies past them. Non grabs Supergirl and they plummet down into the plaza, and Non lifts Supergirl off of the ground and dismisses her as weak. Hank runs out and Non grabs him at superspeed. Despite Hank's Martian strength, Non overwhelms him and flies off as Alex and the remaining DEO agents run out. As they go back into the building's lobby, Supergi…

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted 3 years ago

My pet peeve: a nobody IT guy for a magazine hacks past a billion dollar tech company's security system. Sigh....

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