A new enemy emerges to threaten Supergirl and National City... and has a connection to Krypton. Meanwhile, Lucy demands the truth from James, and Kara continues refusing to work with Hank, unaware that Alex is the one who killed Astra.

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By Gadfly on Mar 2, 2016

The Phantom Zone: 13 Years Ago As Young Kara travels through the Phantom zone, her capsule activates and she wakes up. She passes by Fort Rozz and Kara watches as the station follows her. Now Kara wakes up and Alex arrives at her door with powdered donuts. She figures that Kara sugar-kick before coming back to the DEO, and Kara insists that she can't work at the DEO with Hank. Alex tells her sister that Hank was just doing his duty, and as a solider he had to kill. Kara believes that sh…

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pentar posted a year ago

Whenever Lucy Lane appears on screen, I fast forward.

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