The Fall

It's the final showdown as the team tries to capture the Master and place him in the box. However, the fate of humanity lies in one boy's hands.


By Gadfly on Oct 31, 2016

In Manhattan, Eldritch meets with Abraham and says that he has broken with the Master once and for all, and riddled Eichhorst with silver bullets. He insists that Eichhorst is no longer of consequence, and he took a second nuclear weapon from the Aurora Cutlass. Eldritch figures that the Master will do anything to get it back, and will have to retrieve it himself. He tells Abraham to get his team together and attack the Master when he comes to Stoneheart to get the weapon, and warns that it is t…

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Episode Discussion

JCuervo_a posted a year ago

I think I've never hated a character so much as I hate that stupid kid. Epic finale though.

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