Raiders of the Lost Art

The team follow a temporal aberration to 1967 and find their former captain Rip Hunter... with no memory of who he is, and directing a student film. Damien and Malcolm arrive due to the Medallion, and the Legends soon realize that they're after something that Rip has... even if he doesn't know it.


By Gadfly on Jan 30, 2017

New York – Six Months Ago As the atomic bomb explodes, Rip is thrown about Waverider. Gideon warns that it will take 15 years to repair the damage, and Rip pries open a panel to reveal a wooden staff. He then tells Gideon to initiate repairs and shuts the AI down, and then goes to the engine room. Uttering a brief prayer, Rip reaches for the power core.NowWaverider is going through the timestream, and Martin hears Mick telling someone that they're his best friend. When Martin goes in, Mick asks…

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