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The Legion of Doom

While the Legends deal with Martin's daughter and try to work out the identity of the speedster opposing them, Malcolm and Damien have their own demands for Eobard while trying to tap into Rip's memories.

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By Gadfly on Feb 1, 2017

Star City – 8 Months Ago Malcolm is watching a news report about Arrow killing Damien. He turns off the TV and pours himself a drink, and Eobard speeds in with Damien. Eobard says that Malcolm has fallen on hard times, and explains that he's from the future. He asks if Malcolm wants to undo his own present and says that they can use something much better than time travel.Present Day Malcolm and Damien rejoin Eobard and tell him that Rip isn't fully in possession of his memories. He can't…

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Episode Discussion

gmpugs posted 3 years ago

Eobard scared shitless. That definitely was a highlight of the episode.

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