Deadly Class, Happy! Cancelled at Syfy

Syfy has dismissed Deadly Class and also has some sad news for fans of Happy! The cabler has cancelled both series, TVLine has learned.

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LesleyRebeccaC posted 13 days ago

I was enjoying Deadly Class, though it was slow going at start and took a while to get into.

I not actually mind shows being cancelled, but I hate it when they leave it open as if it going to be continued then poof nothing.

They should either make the ending final, or do say a 4 to 6 episode mini ending to finish it off.

danharr posted 20 days ago

Along with Channel Zero which I'll miss. It's almost like this network is aiming for 4 or less seasons for show before moving on to something new.

tnt posted 21 days ago

That's so Syfy :(

I think both series have a good chance to be picked up by some streaming service. I don't watch Happy! but Deadly Class is definitely have more to say.

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