Fear Thy Neighbor - Episode List

Season 4

10Jun 8, 2017Boiling Point
9Jun 1, 2017Mountain of Madness
8May 25, 2017Monkey in the Middle
7May 18, 2017Bang Goes the Neighborhood
6May 11, 2017Neighbors on a Dead End
5May 4, 2017Pack Mentality
4Apr 27, 2017Feud on the Frontier
3Apr 20, 2017Hysteria Lane
2Apr 13, 2017Desperate Times, Deadly Measures
1Apr 6, 2017Lust to Dust

Season 3

10Jun 7, 2016Night of the Machete
9May 25, 2016Bonfire of Blood
8May 18, 2016Nightmare Next Door
7May 11, 2016Daddy's Got a Gun
6May 4, 2016Burn Neighbor, Burn
5Apr 27, 2016House of the Rising Gun
4Apr 20, 2016Tunnel of Hate
3Apr 13, 2016Neighborhood Madhouse
2Apr 6, 2016Hell Hounds
1Mar 30, 2016Nail in the Coffin

Season 2

13Jul 13, 2015Fatal Family Feud
12Jul 6, 2015Landlord, Death Lord
11Jun 29, 2015Homeowner Hell
10Jun 22, 2015Next Door to Crazy
9Jun 15, 2015My House, My Revenge
8Jun 1, 2015Kill-De-Sac
7May 25, 2015Home Bloody Home
6May 18, 2015Death by Neighbor
5May 11, 2015There Bleeds the Neighborhood
4May 4, 2015Good Fences Make Dead Neighbors
3Apr 27, 2015Driveway of Death
2Apr 20, 2015Lake of Madness
1Apr 13, 2015Kill Thy Neighbor

Season 1

6May 19, 2014Welcome to Murder Street
5May 12, 2014Home's Where the Hearse Is
4May 5, 2014There's No Place Like Hell
3Apr 28, 2014Final Notice
2Apr 21, 2014Red Picket Fences
1Apr 14, 2014Lies, Lawns & Murder