Watchlist sort by populatiry and/or rating

Hanii wrote a year ago: 1

So I have a large backlog of shows I want to watch, but its hard for me to pick what I watch in between my viewing of my favorite currently airing shows.

I think being able to sort my watchlist by populatiry and/or rating would help me narrow this down.

I know I can filter and sort the shows page but I can't filter out shows I have completed from that list.

Hanii wrote a year ago: 1

Additionally, I would love to be able to sort by "most number of episodes unwatched", completed the most is not that useful as a long running show could be more completed than a new show but have over two seasons of unwatched episodes compared to just two episodes for a newer show.

JuanArango wrote a year ago: 1

Especially the second suggestion would also be useful to me :)

Hanii wrote 15 days ago: 1

I hate to bump an old thread but I'm wondering if sorting by number of episodes unwatched could get some traction or if it's been looked into at all.