Watch list error after website format update.

HottToddy wrote 12 days ago:

My watch list is now incorrect after the website was updated about a month back. Some shows that I previously marked the episode as acquired have now changed to watched or are now blank, showing nothing on the episodes page at all. I use this in my personal everyday library & now they do not match. There are far to many of these television shows for me to go back & review the accuracy & then change the status back for me to do it individually. I could just leave them as out of sync in accuracy but then again it will eventually mess with my inventory totals. Not sure how to notify site management of this other than here.

david wrote 10 days ago:

That's very odd, you are the first user to report something like this. Could it be that someone else accessed your computer/TVmaze account/etc?

If anyone else has had similar issues, please share.

HottToddy wrote 7 days ago:

No one else has access to computer or my account here

Jan wrote 5 days ago:

HottToddy, could you share some information to help us check some things. Which shows/episode status do you believe have changed? Around what date did you mark them as watched originally?