TV Show - Request Rejected

wallman2001 wrote 8 days ago:


I put in 4 requests for different shows to be added and they were all rejected. While I understand they were 1-2 hour episodes/specials, they are all a part of the same TV Series/Franchise. The series/franchise has some that have 5-6 episodes and others that are 1-2 hour specials. I understand if they aren't eligible to be put on the site, but wanted to clarify this in case they could be. The notes below each are from the websites that were linked as the reason why they were rejected. Thanks

Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery

From the production team behind ID’s hit AMERICAN MURDER MYSTERY franchise

Natalie Wood: An American Murder Mystery

The latest installment in ID’s record-breaking AMERICAN MURDER MYSTERY franchise

Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery

the latest installment of the record-breaking AMERICAN MURDER MYSTERY franchise

Drew Peterson: An American Murder Mystery

Presents a Two-Hour Special Premiere from Record-Breaking Franchise

gazza911 wrote 8 days ago:

All those that were rejected were marked as single episode specials (we already have some shows from the franchise that were multiple episodes).

Whilst normally we'd just list these as specials as part of a single show, there's no one show which they belong to as from what I can tell, they list them all as separate programs.