The 2019-20 season

LadyShelley wrote 7 days ago:

All the schedules are posted. (whew!) All the renewal mystery is over and I gotta say, I'm kinda underwhelmed with the next season of TV. None of the new shows sound terribly interesting. I don't watch much TV now and I suspect I will be watching even less come next season. Is this latest golden age of TV viewing coming to an end, I wonder?

JuanArango wrote 7 days ago:

Nicely done lady :)

Yeh, so far the new shows do not seem to be that promising.

But my bet is on Netflix and Amazon prime shows!

Gadfly wrote 7 days ago:

With Amazon Prime cancelling The Tick, I'm not so sure about AP being some kind of white knight.

SilverSurfer wrote 5 days ago:

I'll second the nicely done. Many thanks for the hard work summing up all the May Upfront data. :)