Marking Shows Watched

SilverSurfer wrote 15 days ago: 1

I know there is no rule or policy on the "correct" way to class a show as watched but, I'm curious how individuals class a show as watched.

Personally (and this usually applies to news or talk type shows), if I watch 50% or more of an episode, I class it as watched.

What do others do/think?

JuanArango wrote 15 days ago: 1

I only class episodes as "watched" and only if I completely watched the episode :)

gazza911 wrote 15 days ago: 1

For me, it depends on the type of show.

If it's a reality/documentary show which covers multiple scenarios per episode (e.g. Police Interceptors) and I skip more than half of the scenarios as I find them boring, I'd still mark it as watched as it's all that I'd want to see.

If it's a scripted show which I just stop part way as it's that bad I mark it as skipped. If I intend to come back to it when I'm in the mood, I'll just not set the status.