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How to add a show to an actor?

kyrat wrote 12 days ago: 1

I saw an actor in an uncredited appearance in 1984 and wanted to add it to him.

I went to his page and clicked Edit info at the bottom of the page but that only let me update his personal info.

 can I ONLY do that from the show page? 

(it's for Days of Our Lives which has 55 seasons & I don't know the exact air date (first week of Feb 1984 is the closest I can get to an air date)

gazza911 wrote 12 days ago: 1

Yes, it is done from the show/episode itself.

This sounds like a guest appearence, which would have to be added to the episode.

Unfortunately we don't have any episodes for that period, so if you don't have that information, there's no way to do it.

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