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Ryan's Mystery Playdate

Magitroopa posted 2 months ago

Hello, I would like to ask you not to mess with the episodes as you did on Ryan's Mystery Playdate. They should not be separate episodes, as they are together, as seen on FutonCritic. Thank you and I hope you understand.

dpratt posted 2 months ago

The policy on TVmaze says that if an episode is broken up into multiple parts that each part should be listed as a separate record. Here is the exact quote: "If there are separate titles (even if the only distinction is "Part 1" versus "Part 2") for the two parts, two separate episodes should be created." Ryan's Mystery Playdate has two titles per episode, thus two separate episodes should be created.


One of you Logs: Correction needed

Tmblnc posted 9 months ago

Hi DPRATT, it's suragha el massad

You logged my name on behave of the good witch production. Please correct spelling to Suraca Pashyr Elade.

Also, I added a sharper cleaner photo that is set as main image: may you please delete the other one!

Here and Now

TonyMayhew posted a year ago

Hi mate, I noticed you set the series "Here and Now" to running on 5th February. This series does not start until 11th February.
A series is "In Development" until the first episode airs.

If you are unsure, please refer to the data policies:

In Development: for new shows currently in development, when a pilot has not yet aired
Running: episodes are currently airing, or will air again in the future
Ended: no more episodes of this show will air
To Be Determined: it's unsure whether new episodes of this show will ever air again

dpratt posted a year ago

Sorry mate. My mistake. Next time I will wait until the pilot has aired.

Faking It Friday

JuanArango posted a year ago

Hey mate,

sorry this show will be deleted as it does not match the standards for a non curated web channel.



dpratt posted a year ago

Thank you for the warning Can you be clear which rules it violates?

The names of the creators and links to their social media accounts are in the video description. That should be enough isn't it?

JuanArango posted a year ago

Some trusted contributors pointed out that it has no crew listed in the credits.

dpratt posted a year ago

Older videos only have a link to Sarah Rotella's home page which is now defunct. But she is a producer which was reflected on her home page so it should count as a crew credit I think? Even if the page is now gone.

dpratt posted a year ago

Sarah and Adrianna are both producers and their names are on the About page of their YouTube channel. I think this counts. But we can let it go if you insist.

I think it should stay though. Katie Stevens from Faking It guest starred on their little talk show too which means it was officially sanctioned by at least one cast member.

JuanArango posted a year ago

I will bring your argument up and let you know :)

dpratt posted a year ago

Thanks. I went to Sarah's home page using the wayback machine, and it says Sarah Rotella Director. So she is foremost a director, not an actress. These links to her social media that are on every episode are similar. Her twitter and Instagram say Filmmaker at the top. Her twitter also says:

Co-creator of @gaywomenchannel. which is the channel that produces Faking It Friday. So she indeed credits herself as Creator. Is it obvious? Maybe not but it's there.

dpratt posted a year ago

Sarah and Adrianna also created the series This is Taylor so it can be inferred that their names in the video description imply creator credit for Faking It Friday as well as starring credit. IMO. :)

Thomas posted a year ago

Hey dpratt,

I think the way you interpret this regulation is different to most of ours I guess. Co-creater of @gaywomenchannel could refer to us that they were the founders of that channel, but it doesn't really imply that they were the one to create that specific series. On top of that it doesn't say anything about it in their video or video description and links to their twitter/fb is not really seen as a crediting system. Let's say that most curating or higher prefer to see two crew credits and a cast credit specifically tied to that specific series. (We've discussed it in a seperate thread though, so it wasn't a straight deletion)