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Betty Robertson

Betty came from a special training program that provides police departments with their own computer and systems specialist. Betty is prone to speak her mind even if it gets her into trouble. It's the drawback of being young and smart, there's often no filter since her own ideas seem so valid and worth fighting for.

She senses innate goodness in people. Carlos is the attractive, competent older man that she secretly wants but she doesn't know the first thing about approaching him let alone the taboo and tricky nature of office romances. Betty is so emotionally green that she fails to see Carlos's inability to even have a relationship.

She quickly sees Kiera as both a mystery and a threat. As time passes and as it becomes clear to her that Carlos finds Kiera appealing, Betty will have a heightened motivation to dig deeper in to Kiera's shadowy cover story. What she finds won't be what she expects.

(Source: Showcase)

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Guest cast, played by Jennifer Spence
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