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In 1893, Jack the Ripper has killed his fifth victim... and uses his friend Herbert George Wells' time machine to travel to the year 2017. The machine is set to return automatically, and Herbert pursues his friend to New York City to put an end to his rampage. There he meets a museum curator, Jane Walker, who is taken with his charm... and a woman claiming to be Herbert's great great granddaughter.

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By Gadfly on Mar 6, 2017

In London 1893, Betsy is walking down the street when a man, John Stevenson, calls to her from an alleyway. He offers her a coin and Betsy eagerly accepts. As they kiss, Betsy realizes that John is a doctor and asks if he likes it. He says that it has its moments, and asks if she likes her job. When Betsy says that she does, John guts her with a knife, checks the time on his pocket watch, and walks off. At the home of H.G. Wells, Herbert is lecturing his guests about utopia. They suggest that…

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