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The Last Stand

The team is forced to retreat, and Quinlan and Vasily come up with a plan to use the nuke to destroy the Master once and for all.

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By Gadfly on Sep 18, 2017

The strigoi advance on the team in the street. They figure it's not the time to make a final stand, and Gus tells them to take off and he'll handle it. The others reluctantly leave, and Gus and his gang open fire on the strigoi. Despite their heavy losses, the strigoi manage to get close enough to sting Oscar before they fall. As the other strigoi regroup, Oscar takes a grenade from Gus, says that he'll take care of them, and runs over to the remaining strigoi. As they sting him, he sets off the…

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Episode Discussion

Steve1264 posted 3 years ago

Crutchman74. I think you're commenting on the end of season 3 not the final episode.

crutchman74 posted 4 years ago

That's not how it ended at all. Zach detonated the nuke and then disappeared with the Master. Eph ran out of the building, calling for Zach. The Strigoi took over.

ViscaElBarca posted 5 years ago

Good bye The Strain, one of my fav shows.

JuanArango posted 5 years ago

Last season was the weakest one, but the ending was fine, all in all a pretty ok show to watch.

springfield45 posted 5 years ago

Decent ending, with my least favorite characters demise Ephraim And Zack. Downhill after it's first season.

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