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The Land That Time Forgot

"Hi, I'm Doug McClure. You've probably seen me in a stink bomb like The Land That Time Forgot, featuring frozen pterodactyls, rubber dinosaurs, dingy cavemen, and countless scenes of periscopes going up and down."


By Gadfly on Apr 28, 2017

Jonah and the bots are celebrating Gypsy's birthday. It turns into a party for everybody's birthday. Gypsy doesn't want to blow out the candles but Tom is glad to do it. Jonah is sucked away for the intro, and the Kinga call for the invention exchange. They have Jonah go first, and he presents M. Night Shyamalan Living, where every story has a twist ending. Kinga presents the elder pump, but neither she nor Max have any idea what it does. They finally admit that they stole them from a comment To…

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