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Episode 1

Phil Parker is taking a huge interest in son Jack's band, much to Jack's dismay. Jack and his friends Granville and Eddie only formed the band to have a bit of a laugh and in the faint hope of attracting girls. But Phil has other ideas - he is convinced Jack's band could be the next big thing if only they'd take it seriously. One thing is for sure: Eddie needs to get a proper guitar instead of the bouzouki he's been playing up until now. (Yes, it may be part of his Greek heritage but it's just not a rock and roll instrument).

With his knowledge of the music business (he had a hit single in the 1980s that got to number one in the Balkan territories), Phil decides to take creative control of the band (whether the boys like it or not, it seems). Phil may be a cabinet maker now, but no-one can take his silver disc away from him. However, Phil is unprepared for Granville and Eddie's parents, Ashton, Carmen and Sandy, being equally passionate about having a say in the future of the band. On the plus side for Phil, Eddie's mum Sandy is very attractive and he wastes no time in asking her out.

Meanwhile, the boys turn their attention to auditioning for a lead singer. They find an unlikely candidate in overconfident rich kid Adi Kundra - he doesn't have the best voice but does live in a huge house which would be perfect for band rehearsals.

Phil is a bit concerned about how Jack is coping since he and Jack's mum divorced. When Phil's mate and work colleague Kipper mentions another roadie from the old days is now tour manager for Radiohead, Phil reckons he'd go way up in Jack's estimation if he could score some tickets. Kipper promises to sort it.

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