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Episode 2

The band lands their first official gig, playing at Adi's birthday party (on the condition that Adi sings lead, of course). Adi says he is going to post the invite on the web. Will they finally settle on a band name before the gig?

Jack tells Phil the band wants to rehearse at Eddie's house for a couple of days, just to kick some ideas around (Plus, for Jack it's a chance to be near Eddie's gorgeous big sister, Lucy - not that she would even notice him). Phil is a bit miffed at first, as he can't see what's wrong with Jack and the boys rehearsing at home as normal. On the plus side, though, Phil gets to see Sandy when he takes Jack's drum kit over there. He asks Sandy for a drink that evening, but is annoyed to learn she has been invited over to Ashton and Carmen's. Phil is suspicious that they will be having a meeting about the band without him.

Meanwhile, Jack is horrified when his dad tells him he loves him twice in the space of twenty four hours, especially as he's not sure what has prompted it. Maybe he banged his head?

Rehearsals at Eddie's turn out to be more eventful than expected when some local hoodies, attracted by the noise, appear on the doorstep. Luckily for the band, the hoodies' appearance coincides with the impromptu arrival of Phil and Ashton. Phil immediately sends the hoodies packing. It transpires that Phil and Ashton both have quite pathetic excuses for turning up. The truth is they just can't stop themselves from checking up on the kids.

At the birthday party, Adi is ecstatic that most of the audience are babes - he reckons they'll be throwing knickers at their heads! The gig is going well until the hoodies from earlier show up (it seems they saw the invite on the web). Will they be so easy for Phil to get rid of second time around?

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