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After most of humanity is wiped out by nuclear war, the survivors find their lives at risk by an automated production facility, Autofac, which produces useless goods and will wipe out the remaining humans with pollution and heavy-metal poisoning unless they shut it down.

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By Gadfly on Jan 29, 2018

Emily Zabriskie is driving as the radio plays news about the increasing nuclear escalation among the nuclear powers. She drives past an Autofac billboard and smiles, and all of the radio stations go dead. A nuclear missile goes overhead, and Emily stops and gets out of her car to watch it. It slams down into the city that Emily just left, and... … Emily wakes up from her nightmare. Conrad Morrison opens the door and asks if Emily is awake, and she tells him to give her five minutes. Once she'…

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Episode Discussion

EI_BTBLM posted 4 years ago

Best episode so far.

Alastor posted 4 years ago

The ending was sheer brilliance!

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