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Episode 01

For more than ten years, Catherine Langford has watched her father labor over the mysterious ringed device he discovered in the Egyptian desert back in 1928. With answers eluding them both and funding running out, the Langford's situation has become desperate. As the Professor makes plans to move the ring abroad, Catherine struggles to hold on to her life in Cairo, Egypt. But when mysterious figures show up at their facility late one night, new light is shed on the device in a most sinister way.


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Episode Discussion

Talyrius posted 3 years ago

This feels like a cruel joke. They didn't even try…

noz posted 3 years ago

I'm sad and angry because if the future of Stargate as a whole depends on the success of this really bad "show", it's probably the end of the road for this amazing franchise... posted 3 years ago

Like a terrible joke.. it is not possible for SG lovers..

Dexter posted 3 years ago

If you know anything about Stargate leave it at the door if you watch this. Everything that made Stargate good is dumped on. Nothing makes any sense. Nothing works as it did in any of the series. This is not Stargate. This is not acting. This came from the mind of a 5 year old.

kockasti posted 3 years ago

People should not waste their time watching this garbage, especially if they're SG fans. This series is lower than lowest. Better rewatch any of the StarGate shows.

pithawg posted 3 years ago

Really? 8 minutes, 10 if you include Credits.

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