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Maniak Episode


The lamest SWAT officers in town. They see an approaching chopper and do nothing to secure their dangerous prisoner. Still rest assured we get lots of whamen in charge congratulating themselves on how great they are. All men are bad and women are perfect.  Hondo should be afraid of raising children. The mother will take them, the house and his possessions. He'll get the honor of paying for everything.  Message received. 

Pilot Episode


@thrasir66 wrote:
Idiot! Maybe read the book first.

It matters NOT if the whaman is in the book and written this way. She is still 'totally brilliant' and better than any man. Is it now a crime to have an opinion? How about trying to convince me with civil words, rather than insults. I guess your IQ is too low to reason this out and I doubt you read beyond the level of an eight year old. Go cry to your supporters that somebody has their own opinion that differs to yours.

Fun fact: Did you know that differing opinions results in progress and advancement. e.g. The candle was fine for reading. An idiot disagrees and is set upon by the mob. The light bulb was never invented. Finally some disagreeable soul makes the bulb but some moron says it is not efficient and is run out of town for opposing the masses. Bring on the Cathode Ray Tube... LEDs.  Rinse and repeat for all human advancement.

We are truly living in the snowflake generation where people have no thinking skill and just download opinions from the internet.


Choices Episode


This is not star wars. It is just a money grab. Recycling dead characters to bore the audience to death.

Justice Episode


They have mastered space interplanetary flight, they have sentient robots but they live in villages with medieval houses with basic furniture. How is this 'star wars'? This is just a trip back in earth history. Break out the muskets, the British are coming.  

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