The End

A member of the team dies while trying to stop Talbot, who is intent on acquiring enough Gravitonium to fight Thanos. Meanwhile, the agents try to deal with Coulson's impending death.


By Gadfly on May 19, 2018

Coulson lies unconscious in the medbay. Piper finds Deke out in the hallway, and in the next room the team are debating whether to use the Centipede technology to save Coulson or kill Talbot. Fitz suggests that they let someone with the serum be absorbed into Talbot, and Elena volunteers to do it. Daisy insists that Coulson would never give up on Talbot, and says that Coulson is the only one who can talk Talbot through it. She goes to the vials of serum, but Elena grabs them at superspeed. She i…

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Episode Discussion

cg1701 posted 7 months ago

I think it safe to say Fitz will return for season 6. He is still out there somewhere frozen aboard that ship taking the 'long way' to get to the future to meet up with the rest of the crew. As far as this season finale goes it was by far the best of the finales so far and one hell of an episode.

Could Coulson's deal with the Ghost Rider come into play in season 6? I really hope Coulson will be in those final episodes. It would not be the same without him in them.

mike1616 posted 7 months ago

As far as series final episodes go, this was one of the good ones. BUTT... it turns out that there is to be a 6th season in 2019. So we just might see Fits again after all and I personally think that The Avengers will find a cure for Coulson so he might be back for the 6th season too. Here's hopping all starts well for every one in season 6.

JuanArango posted 8 months ago

Sad but still beautiful and satisfying, this would also have worked as the series finale.

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