After Nora meets her parents and reveals that she's stuck in 2018, Flash goes off after a new meta--Gridlock--and subsequently discovers what happens to himself in the future.



By Gadfly on Oct 10, 2018

Nora assures Barry and Iris that she's their daughter from the future, and greets each member of Team Flash by name. She says that she made a big mistake by helping them save Central City by destroying the satellite, and now she can't go fast enough to travel back to her own time. Jenna starts crying and Cecile says that she's not hungry... and realizes that she might still have her powers. Nora says that she's stuck there and hopes that the team might know what to do. Later at STAR Labs, Nor…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 10 months ago

I am sonewhat disappointed with the season opener, continues in the vein of the last season, which I only found slightly above average.

LeonKennedy posted 10 months ago

Intense comeback!! I'm loving Jessica's character!!

PS: "Schway" is definitely the new word I'm using for "Cool."

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