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Episode 3

1944 – Despite the police confirming that Lucy's death was an accident Eve is still convinced that there is more to it than that. She tries to talk to Martha but, at the mention of an airman, Martha shuts her down. Similarly Albert, who is finding Eve's presence in the house difficult, won't listen. Meanwhile Vivien has found a letter Eve wrote to Lucy on the day of her death. Harry sees the letter and before Eve can destroy it he reads it. He is shocked; the letter is vitriolic and hurtful. It seems that Eve hated Lucy.

1975 – While Clare is intrigued about Vivien's time in Suffolk as a child Vivien is reluctant to dig up the past. She hasn't told Clare but the memories have started creeping back leaving her with nightmares revolving around Lightfields. Then one morning Vivien finds typing on her typewriter that she knows she didn't do. Clare tries to calm her mother down but in truth Clare is scared about what is happening to them. The next night Vivien wakes and hears a noise. She goes downstairs and there is more typing and this time the message seems directed at her.

2012 – When Luke puts himself in danger by starting a fire Pip is worried that this is Lucy's doing and he is terrified she is trying to hurt his great grandson. However for Paul the fire presents an opportunity, which he grabs with both hands, and Barry is left having to convince social services that Luke is safe at the farm. Then Barry, after an evening with Paul trying and failing to settle the dispute amicably, seizes his own opportunity to level the playing field. Meanwhile Pip is spending more and more time with Luke. It is the only way he can think of to protect Luke from his sister.

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