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Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

Mike, Lucas, and Will recruit El and Max to help them learn who the Mind Flayer's host is. Robin, Steve, and Dustin recruit someone to sneak into Lynx, and Nancy and Jonathan are fired.

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By Gadfly on Jul 23, 2019

At the cabin, El brushes her teeth and remembers her visit to astral plane and conversation with Billy from earlier. When she goes to the bedroom, Max offers her a choice of comic books and tells El that there's nothing to worry about anymore. El says that what she saw about Heather on the astral plane doesn't make sense, and Max points out that they both saw her and she's fine. Max dismisses El's concerns about Billy and how he seems "wrong", and they talk about Wonder Woman. The EMTs take D…

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JCuervo_a posted 2 years ago

I must admit I was having a little trouble hooking up with this season but... just when i thought i was out they pull me back in!". Finally we get into the main story and all the plots of the subgroups are getting interesting. Clearly the best thing so far is the Steve-Dustin-Robin trio, they have great chemistry and are the most entertaining part.

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