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John struggles in the aftermath of his wife's suicide; Lise becomes lead detective on two seemingly unrelated cases.

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted a year ago

Glad to have it back, exceptional Canadian thriller.

4Foot posted a year ago

I like this show. It is not your typical episodic cop show, where every episode is a new crime to solve. The season consists of one main story with a few, usually interesting sub plots to mix it up. The lead characters both portray strong individualists who sometimes struggle to be on the same wave length as their counterparts. Cardinal, brooding, insular, is an experienced cop with good instincts coupled with dogged determination. DeLorme, a wonderful character, a little more complex but loyal to her partner and her duties as an officer of the law. Trying to navigate the snakes and ladders of her career in a mid sized Northern Ontario Town. The shows season long plot coupled with Cardinal's difficult personal life makes for a slow, plodding development of the story, but the end product is worth the effort. Cardinal does suffer from Network support, first two seasons on air and I believe season three is going to be part of some new CTV streaming effort. An uncertain future may sink plans and hopes for a season four.

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