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Queen of the Flowers

The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher has been chosen to refine a group of delinquent flower maidens for the annual flower parade. When the body of one of her charges washes up on the beach, though, she begins to question the worth of table manners and dancing lessons. In the midst of her investigation, Jane's mother unexpectedly resurfaces and Phryne has to face her fears about losing her ward..

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Episode Discussion

PatrickAbe posted 2 years ago

A great episode as always, full of (implied) teen-adult sex, sleeping pills, a randy mayor, a disgraced former "pillar of the community," and a hair's-breadth rescue.

I've been (trying) to watch "Miss Fisher" on the Ovation network, which stopped broadcasting :"Miss Fisher" in late 2018. To roll out the next "female sleuth" series, 1920's Toronto-based "Frankie Drake Mysteries, Phryne Fisher has returned...until mid-June 2019.

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