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The Blue Scorpion Episode

The Blue Scorpion

I lost both my train of thought and interest just as the main character "started running around in a blind panic." Then I got bored and hoped for it to end so I could watch an exciting commercial message.

Blurryman Episode


Boring, just like the previous episode. (I lost focus just as the "boogie man" showed up.) What happened to the main character? After watching the likes of "Juon," I didn't care. The "subpar 1980's 'Twilight Zone" presented compelling situations and more interesting characters.

"The Obsolete Man" – The Twilight Zone S02E29 Retro-Review​ Article

"The Obsolete Man" – The Twilight Zone S02E29 Retro-Review​

"Fascism = Bad"? There are other-than-Fascist states that fulfill the "1984" image of "a boot stamping on a human face...forever." The Authoritarian State is on display here, whether driven by "the dictatorship of the proletariat" or "The Book," the boot is the same. "Romney Wordsworth" is a stand in for "the rest of us," whom we hope and pray are as steadfast in opposition to The Authoritarian State, even to death. I recall a 1960's slogan that goes: "You have killed one, but you cannot kill all of us." It won't happen tomorrow, but it will happen someday; the boot will be defeated, and human faces will see each other, once again. (Until the next Boss/Commissar/Fuhrer tries to put on the boot.)

Queen of the Flowers Episode

Queen of the Flowers

A great episode as always, full of (implied) teen-adult sex, sleeping pills, a randy mayor, a disgraced former "pillar of the community," and a hair's-breadth rescue.

I've been (trying) to watch "Miss Fisher" on the Ovation network, which stopped broadcasting :"Miss Fisher" in late 2018. To roll out the next "female sleuth" series, 1920's Toronto-based "Frankie Drake Mysteries, Phryne Fisher has returned...until mid-June 2019.