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People of Earth Episode

People of Earth

I keep thinking that this is what CBS should have done in season one. But then, there's no Light without Dark, so at least we have "returned to the Light Side." The Andorians and Orions seem to have adapted to a "shards of Dilithium" world; what happened to the Klingons and Romulans? "Take my Love, Take my Land, Take to where I cannot Stand..."

Far From Home Episode

Far From Home

Oops, the U.S.S. Discovery has landed "far out in the Black" with Space Outlaws rampant. All that's needed is someone to break into: "Take my Love, Take my Land, Take where I cannot stand...";) "The Dilithium Burn" is going to make it hard to get around this 'Verse in a "square rigged sailing ship." But then, ships are for exploration/commerce/trade, so shake off the "Parasitic Ice" and see if Terra has changed much.;)

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The Kanamit are back? They don't like the chaos of the Human mind and have prepared a Final Solution? Oh well, they don't have to pretend "To Serve Man," since they can help themselves. And they did all of this with the help of "The Mad Men"? Lrrr of Omicron Perseon 8 with be soo disappointed in a thousand years when Earth TV ends...forever

8 Episode


Well, Booga Booga! (Welcome back to old "The Outer Limits.")

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