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The Mountain of Ghosts

Eliot and Alice travel to the top of the Mountain of Ghosts and have a conversation about love and grief. They are aided by a mourning stranger. Josh and Fen learn some harsh truths about Margo. Julia and Penny face the question "Just how many times do you have to risk your life to save the world?". Investigating the continued magical surges they find sisters Zoe and Daniella, who have mixed responses in helping them.

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Episode Discussion

Calero posted 15 days ago

As always Margo did not disappoint. I'm generally indifferent to or annoyed by character romantic entanglements, but I wouldn't mind seeing Margo and Fen as a thing. I feel like they would make a solid power couple, complimenting each others shortcomings without one ever becoming subservient to the other. I watched the episode an hour ago yet  i'm not entirely sure what else happened outside of me wanting to see more of Margo and Fen, so there's that.

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