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Blurred Lines

Kara meets with Lena for the first time since she admitted her secret identity to her. J'onn recruits Nia to help him dwell further into his memories, and Nia deals with her relationship with Querl. An old friend visits Kelly and asks for help with his memories, but he isn't what he seems.

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By Gadfly on Oct 21, 2019

At a dance club, William approaches Dr. Niles Jarrod and says that blowing him off wasn't a smart move. Jarrod insists that he isn't interested, and William warns him that he's making a mistake. As Jarrod goes, a woman he was watching grabs him, shoves him into a bathroom, and pulls down the top of her dress. A spider crawls out of her tattoos, enters Jarrod's chest, and he falls over dead. The next day, Kara, Alex, James, and Kelly are out walking and Kelly stops to give a vendor advice. Kel…

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Gislef posted a year ago

TVMaze's Supergirl review is here:

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