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"Trilogy" features three stories of horror.

Ma: a young woman, Mona, lives with her domineering mother Ma. Mona seeks an escape and a new lover offers the perfect opportunity... if Ma approves.

Guilt Trip: a young woman offers a lift to a man assaulted by the police, and soon questions her judgment and fears for her life.

Singularity: A biohacker, Nola, places a wifi antenna in her body and soon picks up inexplicable signals that plunge her into a nightmare.


By Gadfly on Sep 20, 2019

Ma "I love you," I whispered, hugging Mom close. Mother and daughter Ma and Mona are eating a meal, and Ma shoves a bowl at Mona. Mona shoves it back at her, and Ma shoves it right back. Later, they watch TV and Mona explains the plot of the historical soap opera to her mother as she cleans. She then sits on the couch with Mona and they watch TV together. Later, Mona tucks Ma into bed. Mona tries to sleep in her room, and stares up at the ceiling. She hears noise next door and listen…

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Gislef posted a year ago

The TVmaze review of the episode is here:

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