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Fear Response

Malcolm gets his dream interview opportunity when the NYPD zeroes in on one of his and Martin's favorite psychologists, Dr. Elaine Brown, who may be involved in a homicide linked to an LSD-laced psychology trial. Meanwhile, as his night terrors continue to evolve, Malcolm checks in with his trusted childhood therapist to discuss new theories on what exactly he witnessed as a child, and the consequences of Malcolm's visits with The Surgeon begin to add up when Gil, Jessica and Ainsley catch wind that he has been seeing his father again.

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted a year ago

I knew that mother was hiding a whole lot...what a selfish control freak so and so. Great to see Sakina from Timeless again too.

hekiv posted a year ago

Probably one of my favorite episodes so far.
It's interesting to see how important fear can be. It's a natural response to danger. Some are taught early in life that it's a good thing, to be afraid, because it keeps you from doing something that can hurt you.
Then we're taught that fear can motivate you to be better.
But at the same time, it can do so much damage.

Loved how important the topic became in this episode. The cast was amazing as ever.

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