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Mombie Dearest Episode

Mombie Dearest

It was as nice to see Jo again as it was Jeremy the other day!

Hella Duplicitous Episode

Hella Duplicitous

Not happy with the new direction...I liked Jane the way she was, good. This new psychotic I don't care for one bit.

This is the Part Where You Run Episode

This is the Part Where You Run

So far, it's pretty much just ok. Surprised to see what deliberate, total brats Alaric's kids are, never cared for teenage Hope in the first place. No matter what, it is hers and only her fault Haley died. Great to see Alaric again, and there is hope for mystery guy Landon and his werewolf buddy...guess we'll see how it goes. Nowhere near the caliber of what The Vampire Diaries, let alone The Originals were.