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36 Hours Episode

36 Hours

@NeoRocket wrote:
One of the best new shows in awhile. Great character/person it is based on! Great casting of television, movie and entertainment heavyweights and great writing and everything. High on the Tomatometers even! How does s a gem like this ever only last one short season? Oh I forgot... Hollywood.

Not Hollywood, network TV.  Only in it for the money, nothing else whatsoever.  Network TV is going the way of the dinosaur and it's their own faults.  Was really hoping someone would have picked this great show up.

Signs of Change Episode

Signs of Change

I love Kilbride, but I still miss Hetty oh so much.

Look Up Child Episode

Look Up Child

This was probably the best ep so far this season.  Aside from seeing Derek and Mark again, seeing Eric Roberts was also a real treat.

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