Minha vida por sua morte

Bonded in illness, the Chosen One strikes a deal with Lúcia when Eva bursts in, demanding the truth. The search is on for the healer's next "life."

Episode Discussion

Mum2StaffyBulls posted 5 months ago

There appears to be something "Lost" that inhabits the tree tops, throws grown men about like rag dolls and, in general, creates havoc and causes fear! I'm not sure which is most miraculous, the fact that I'm still watching this, that the Chosen One is really trying to prove something by exchanging little children with older teens or that he is still using his blue water to try and prove his holiness! There is a major improvement in the blue water treatment, it's simply poured over the heads of the teens and the Chosen Guy no longer spits into another's mouth - more Blech!

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