Lawyers, Guns and Money

This episode has multiple subplots, and it appears Nick feels like his entire world is spinning out of control. (1) His parole officer threatens to report some technical violations to the judge, if Nick won't assist him with legal services while he tries to purchase and renovate a gentleman's club with his girlfriend, and the situation ends very badly for some parties involved. (2) A friend of a close friend asks Nick to bail him out of jail, but keep it all a secret. (3) Nick's father is being looked at for a federal judgeship, and Nick's legal problems could hinder this appointment, putting additional pressure on Nick. (4) At Legal Services, Nick represents a recent parolee whose ex-wife is trying to get his parental rights severed. (5) Lu personally invites Nick to her upcoming engagement party. (6) And, James' new guardianship with his nephew is already being challenged by the young man.

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