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Stay-at-home housewife Mrs. Warren looks forward to acquiring the widely marketed 'Egg,' an enigmatic device that promises to make everything better for everyone forever. But further investigation soon reveals the unsavory truth about this mysterious product.

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Episode Discussion

Steve1264 posted a year ago

WTF Was this piece of crap ?   Turned it off after the worst 15 minutes of TV I've had the misfortune to watch in many years. Who gave the go ahead to even film this, let alone broadcast it. 

PatrickAbe posted a year ago

The Kanamit are back? They don't like the chaos of the Human mind and have prepared a Final Solution? Oh well, they don't have to pretend "To Serve Man," since they can help themselves. And they did all of this with the help of "The Mad Men"? Lrrr of Omicron Perseon 8 with be soo disappointed in a thousand years when Earth TV ends...forever

Zlogorek posted 2 years ago

⠀ "Its leg is its best piece."⠀ :)

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