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The Candidate

Moira's friend Jessica Danforth decides to run for mayor of Star City. While Team Arrow tries to protect her, Oliver realizes that the Lazarus Pit is taking its toll on Thea. In the past, Oliver meets Baron Blitzkrieg, who offers Oliver a job.

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By Gadfly on Oct 15, 2015

The Arrow team takes on Ghosts at a treatment plant, while Felicity complains over the radio that she wants a code name. She scans for the bomb the Ghosts have and finds the ground floor. Green Arrow goes in and defuses it, and tells Felicity to get Diggle in to dismantle it. The group returns to the lair and Diggle warns that they're not doing good enough. Oliver talks to Thea and worries that she's out for blood, and warns that she's going to kill one of them eventually. Thea reminds her br…

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Episode Discussion

marsters posted 7 years ago

This season still better than season 3 was. Good job

HaraldFauland posted 7 years ago

Laurel bringing Sara back and Oli running for major? I like the new season, they should have cut the flashbacks though!

gjuniorX posted 7 years ago

Yeah when they started talking about the pool,I knew exactly where they were going with this,I wondered when I seen the cast for Legends of Tomorrow what they were going to do seeing how Sara was killed off on Arrow.This was a great episode.

cobraa posted 7 years ago

another fine episode, keep it up

cairns1986 posted 7 years ago

So Laurel is the one who brings Sara back, apart from the obvious Oliver running for mayor a good episode.

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