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And the Broken Staff

Prospero summons up other Fictionals in order to retrieve the parts of his Staff from a museum. The Librarians soon find themselves pitted against Frankenstein's monster and Sherlock Holmes' brilliant nemesis Moriarty. Meanwhile Flynn and Baird have a disagreement over how to proceed against Prospero.

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Episode Discussion

petrd1 posted 7 years ago

Amid a wasteland of talent contests, reality tripe, political balderdash and preening. Thrown in to munch manic zombie opera, terrorist / criminal / psychopathic villain menace around every corner waiting to steal your identity so they can torture, maim, and have their way with you and your family before killing you and your fellow citizens drama mix; this show makes me smile.

Adventure stories with a historical and literate angle portrayed in a family friendly and tongue in cheek manner.

I may not be the target demographic for this show but it sure makes me feel like I did when I was. This cynical grey geezer appreciates the nostalgia. Not to mention the break it gives my severely abused subconscious.

The Dewey Decimal System rules!

Filing this under 819.

johncymru posted 7 years ago

Well I was right, it did get better, so much so that unlike the first episode where it only got the two starts because of Rebecca Romijn, these three stars are all for the episode itself. In other words, while better than the Episode 1, then again it would be hard to be worse than Episode 1, Episode 2 is still pretty much garbage. If I wasn't grabbing this series for a friend it would already have been removed from my watchlist.

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