R v Dana

Consumed by remorse after sleeping with his best friend's wife Scarlet (Danielle Cormack), and facing his ninth appearance before the Professional Conduct Committee of the Bar Association, Cleaver's (Richard Roxburgh) day only gets worse when he's confronted with a front-page story declaring his nemesis David Potter (Matt Day) a hero. When a dispirited Barney (Russell Dykstra) arrives at Cleaver's rooms ready to employ a private detective to find out if Scarlet's having an affair, a panicked and guilt-ridden Cleaver tries to reassure him that his marriage is safe. But he finds a welcome distraction in the brief Barney delivers involving a famous chef charged with bigamy. The chef, George Dana (Lech Mackiewicz), has two restaurants - one in the city, and one in the Blue Mountains - and a wife and family to go with both. Meanwhile, David Potter leaves hospital in a blaze of glory and asks Missy (Adrienne Pickering) to move in with him. She promises to stay at least until he's well, still avoiding his questions about her past. However, Cleaver is still dealing with his own woes - begging Scarlet not to leave Barney, and confessing his misdeed to ex-wife Wendy, who is not as understanding as he'd hoped.
When Scarlet decides to tell Barney that there's someone else, it's his best friend Cleaver he turns to and they go out to drown their sorrows. Cleaver can't believe his day could get any worse when Missy and David arrive at the same restaurant to have dinner with friends. Meanwhile, back in the courtroom, Cleaver's bigamy case is going well...that is until word reaches the court that along with George Dana's most recent restaurant in Newcastle, there is another...Mrs Dana. As Cleaver receives another late night phone call from Missy, they're both left wondering what it is they can't let go of.

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