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Lost Souls

Felicity convinces Oliver to launch a desperate rescue attempt to recover a miniaturized Ray from Damien's captivity. Meanwhile, Sara finds herself giving in to the bloodlust of the Lazarus Pit, and Oliver thinks it's a good idea if Felicity takes some time off with her mother Donna.

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By Gadfly on Nov 12, 2015

The Past At Palmer Technologies, Ray activates the first miniaturization test of his suit... and it explodes. Ray is blasted clear. Now Alex reviews Oliver's election plans with Oliver and Thea. Thea has a party planned and Alex says that the last item to discuss is the budget. Oliver admits that she's been busy at Palmer Tech for the last few days. Once he leaves, Alex suggests that the two of them go to the party site, Gerard's, to see if it's appropriate. Thea wonders if he's invitin…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 7 years ago

Loved every second of the ep, especially the dialogue scenes between Felicity and Oliver.

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