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When You're Lost in the Darkness

Twenty years after a fungal outbreak ravages the planet, survivors Joel and Tess are tasked with a mission that could change everything.

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Episode Discussion

TomislavMuskovic posted 6 days ago

great first episode!

and it will keep gettin` better!


Wynn posted 13 days ago

@TheFringe wrote:
Ahhhh. Finally the manifest of the motherWEFfer's cult is afoot

Except there's no such thing as a "contagion" in reality ;-)

TheFringe posted 14 days ago

Ahhhh. Finally the manifest of the motherWEFfer's cult is afoot

RobertQuilter posted 14 days ago

Seems like it retains enough of the atmosphere/spirit and storyline of the video games to be a success.

Happily surprised .

snap posted 14 days ago

Love it. Really great casts. Looks like Anna Torv will eventually be killed as she is just a guest cast in this series :(.. Hope this show turn out to be great. Looking forward to watching it.

LeonKennedy posted 14 days ago

Been craving this for sooooo Long!! Never a dull moment and I Couldn't have asked for a better start!!

Somi posted 14 days ago

The Last of Us, HBOs adaptation of the award-winning 2013 PlayStation game has arrived. It set fans of the game and those who've never played it on a whirlwind journey through a world where a particularly nasty kind of fungus has evolved to take over human brains and control its hosts with one objective in mind: to spread the infection.

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