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Brothers in Arms

Winston Scott gets roped into a vast conspiracy triggered by his brother's raid on the Continental.

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Episode Discussion

JoEmme posted 7 months ago

For the "older crowd" (like me!), I really enjoyed the soundtracks - Santana's Samba Pa Ti, etc!  Mostly Gotham City style, rougher around the edges than the John Wick's movies, but Oh What A Ride This Will Be!  :)

supertzar76 posted 7 months ago

wow this was fantastic!

Dele posted 7 months ago

Damn, Frankie is a badass. He is the original Wick

NeoRocket posted 7 months ago

Scale of 1-10, an 11. 

This is how cool it is. The signature "gun-fu" sequences. It has a late 70's Mustang. Snipers. Knives. Personal armories full of assorted exotic weaponry. Weird Assassins. The... "Coins". Great casting. Of various soundtrack songs two stood out. "Roundabout " by Yes. "And Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath. And the songs were placed perfectly in the scenes. NOT COVERS. Original songs by the original groups.

Yeah this series totally doubled down on... Cool.

JuanArango posted 7 months ago

Holy crap, that absolutely owned!

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