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Theater of Pain

Despite dissent and distrust, Winston's team wages an ingenious all-out assault on the hotel.

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Episode Discussion

NeoRocket posted 7 months ago

So sad that it couldn't continue. When I heard of this spinoff I thought it would be a regular series. Not a miniseries. But either way. It was perfect! It was the perfect origin tale for Winston and Charon. The perfection of the soundtrack and everything just coming together every episode almost brought a tear to my eye. That and knowing Charon's full story now.

KenKnudsen posted 7 months ago

Previous posters have mentioned how well the 70s soundtrack resonates with older viewers, but let's not forget how well Ray McKinnon channelled Dennis Weaver when playing Gene Jenkins. As one of those older viewers, every time I saw or heard him, I could swear Weaver had miraculously returned from the dead to play one last role. And he was just one of many excellent casting choices. I haven't seen all the John Wick movies, so probably missed a lot of Easter eggs and callbacks, but this series stands on its own, whether you're a big Wick fan or not. Highly recommended.

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